July 19, 2019

The Athlete Health Management System (AHMS®) is the result of the collaboration of sports medicine, sports management, and medical technology specialists which has produced the first comprehensive web-based, ASP modeled, electronic health records system focusing on the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries suffered by athletes in the course of athletic competition and training.

AHMS is comprehensive, secure, and role based to ensure that confidential medical data is accessed only by authorized users according to their rights and permissions.

The System enables information relating to athlete health and physical condition, and treatments received to be captured onto a single, secure electronic health record that follows the athlete for the duration of his/her career.

These records encapsulate all relevant data that can be used and shared across the organization and league by medical practitioners, administrators, management, and researchers in respect of their roles/rights and permissions to:

  • manage risk,
  • ensure the safety and competitive status of athletes,
  • customize physical development plans, and
  • support the goals of the athlete and the league/organization.

Designed with the collaboration and input of professional sports athletic trainers, physicians and sports management officers, this complete electronic system encompasses workflows specific to:

  • clinical injury medicine
  • injury trend analysis and research
  • club/league player administration
  • insurance administration
  • clinical tools and prescription tracking

A key component of AHMS is the Injury Surveillance and Analysis System, which:

  • tracks deindentified data from Injury Reports
  • uses consistent coding for injuries
  • provides updated injury analysis reporting by team and league
  • permits data mining to identify best practices, injury trends and causes, ie. equipment, rules, playing conditions

Designed by experts with keen insights in and first hand knowledge of the challenges of the sports industry, the Athletic Health Management System provides organizations with the real time information and tools they need to best meet those challenges:

  • On-line records speed up medical consultation and treatment to reduce athlete injury time.
  • Injury and illness events electronically documented at or near the time of the event, improves quality of care for the athlete.
  • Central repository of records enables analysis of historical injuries resulting in better treatment practices, equipment selection, and better risk management.
  • Web-based system provides instant access from anywhere, anytime.
  • Role-based (i.e. athletic trainers, physicians, administrators, coaches) security access preserves athlete confidentiality and complies with standard medical privacy rules.
  • Hosted system (24/7 monitoring, support and help desk), provides a single point of contact and high availability – resulting in greater efficiencies and productivity.

In addition to the obvious productivity improvements and quantifiable cost reductions, the management system can also help organizations achieve:

  • reduced number of grievances and arbitrations
  • better trade and free agent decisions and negotiations
  • reduced player call-up costs

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