July 19, 2019

ATHLETE RMS was established to develop software systems that help sports leagues/organizations and health care practitioners track and manage the health, injuries and recovery of amateur and professional athletes. The company has assembled an impressive team of professionals and advisors who have expertise and have held top positions in various aspects of professional sports: sports managers, sports medicine specialists and medical technology specialists.

The resulting collaboration is a management system that provides those involved with the care of athletes, instant access to the information and tools they need to achieve the best possible outcomes. ATHLETE RMS helps sports leagues and organizations streamline processes, improve productivity, and reduce injuries and costs.

ATHLETE RMS is the exclusive provider of electronic medical records for the National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball (MLB), ATP World Tour (ATP), WTA Tour (WTA) and the Canadian Football League (CFL).

The company’s vision is to advance athletic health care to benefit athletes, clubs, leagues, colleges, universities, clinics and researchers by providing a single entry, comprehensive health and injury record of athletes - from their entrance into sports through their amateur or professional career to post retirement.

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